Aurika Tyrgale

Women's Fitness

Brief info
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List the shows you have done in the past 24 months and your placings.
2021 Olympia - 10th Place
2021 Arnold Classic - 5th Place
2021 Arizona Pro - 2nd Place
2021 Tampa Pro - 1st Place
2020 Olympia - 7th Place
2020 Legion Sport Fest - 1st Place
2020 Arizona Pro - 1st Place
2020 Chicago Pro - 1st Place

What year did you get your pro card?

At what show did you get your pro card?
Arnold Sport Festival, Columbus

Tell us more about you
Originally, I'm from Russia.

The love of bodybuilding and fitness brought me to America.

Now I live in Key West, Florida and am a personal trainer.

I am very positive and I love sports. I love competition and I love to win.

I have 2 cats. :)

Who is your coach?
Whitney Jones


Yarishna Ayala


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