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List the shows you have done in the past 24 months and your placings.
2021 Toronto Pro - 2nd Place
2021 Texas State Pro - 6th Place
2021 SA Classic Pro - 8th Place
2020 National Championships - 13th Place

What year did you get your pro card?

At what show did you get your pro card
USA's Pro

Tell us more about you
My name is Celeste Morales, I am an IFBB Wellness Pro. I am 38 years old, born and raised in Harlingen Texas, center of my life where I still currently reside with my husband and 3 kids.

I have been competing since 2014. What once started as a hobby ended up being the center of my life. I fell in love with the sport and never stopped since. I competed as an amateur in local shows for the first 4 years before hitting my first national stage in 2018. Fast-forward to Dec of 2020 when my dream of becoming an IFBB Pro became reality!

My journey as a rookie Wellness Pro has been an amazing experience. Oct 2021, earning 8th place at my pro debut at the San Antonio Classic fueled my fire to keep improving. In November 2021 at Texas State Pro three weeks later I earned top 6 alongside 5 top Olympians and an amazing lineup! That was a huge win for me, so I decided to do one of the last shows of the year, The Toronto Pro on Dec 5, 2021, where I took a 2nd place finish!!

I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to step on stage at the Boston Pro as an IFBB Wellness Pro. Thank you for giving us athletes the opportunity to keep doing what we love and continue competing despite everything going on in the world today.

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