Darwin Uribe

Classic Men's Physique

Brief info
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List the shows you have done in the past 24 months and your placings.
Chicago pro 2021 - 1st Place
Mr Olympia 2021 - 16th Place

What year did you get your pro card?

At what show did you get your pro card?
Mr Olympia Amateur Portugal

Tell us more about you
I am originally from Colombia, I currently live in Dallas, Texas, 28 years old, i come to USA in 2019 with the purpose of having a better life and better opportunities as an athlete, It has been an interesting journey since that, with ups and downs but always believing that I can achieve my dreams and keeping fighting not matter what. Happy that I found nice people here that have been supporting me in this new stage of my life.

I am a personal trainer and coach online.

As an athlete I made my pro debut in the contest Chicago Pro, winning and qualifying for Mr Olympia as my 2nd pro show. It was a awesome experience, besides that I was the first classic physique competitor from Colombia going to the Olympia and the 2nd athlete in the story of my country, I am happy to represent my country and Latinoamérica in that event. I am sure I will back to the O and do better... currently I’ve been invited to compete at the Arnold Classic Ohio, i am the only Hispanic and Latin competing in the show between 9 athletes of the world which is something amazing! I am so grateful for this opportunity; it will be my 3rd pro show, and one week later will be the Boston Pro, my next competition. Excited for the shows upcoming and this year.

Who is your coach?
Patrick Tuor


Darwin Uribe


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