Nicole Zenobia Graham


Brief info
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List the shows you have done in the past 24 months and your placings.
2021 Mr Olympia - 5th Place
2021 Rising Phoenix Arizona Pro - 1st Place
2020 Mr Olympia - 4th Place
2020 NY Pro - 1st Place
2020 Savannah Pro - 1st Place

What year did you get your pro card?

At what show did you get your pro card>
NPC Universe

Tell us more about you
I was born and raised in New York. I am a bulimic fashion model turned top pro athlete.

Also, I'm an Online Lifestyle, Contest Prep & Posing Coach. I love being able to use my journey to help coach and guide others through their own journey. I love what I do as a coach, seeing others achieve their goals and I love my sport. The process, the work ethic, the dedication, pushing past your limits, the science, the art. There’s so much that goes into being a successful athlete. It can be tough (as it should be) but I love every bit of it.

Who is your coach?
Johnny Casalena


Jaclyn Baker


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