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List the shows you have done in the past 24 months and your placings.
2020 NPC Michigan - 1st Place and Overall
2021 NPC Universe - 1st Place Masters, 2nd Place Open
2021 IFBB Arizona Pro Wellness - 10th Place

What year did you get your pro card?

At what show did you get your pro card?
Team Universe

Tell us more about you
I'm a mother and a wife. I have 2 beautiful little girls and an awesome husband. We are a hardworking, forever-striving family. I own my own kickboxing gym and I'm a personal trainer/instructor as well. I've been an athlete all my life. I grew up taking dance since 3 but was quickly introduced into sports because I had two older brothers. I struggled all my life with school academically, but thank goodness my love and involvement with athletics kept me in check. After high school I quickly jumped into the gym scene as a personal trainer and started competing in figure right away. This was back in 2004 when we had a one-piece and two-piece round!! I competed for a few years in figure and I did well, but I got smoked on a national level. They said my legs were overpowering and I needed to be 20% less. So I stopped competing to get married and have kids. The itch to compete never left, but I just didn't really fit in the figure category and bodybuilding was too much for me. So, 22 YEARS LATER comes WELLNESS...I was instantly convinced this division was made for me!!! I got on stage right away in 2020 at the first wellness show. I won first place for the first time!!!! I was so excited! So I took myself right to nationals and won the first time out!!! I’m so happy with this division. I never thought in a million years that I would make a comeback after 12 years. I can't wait to build up in the pro ranks!

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Vanessa Bernardo


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